Pool Rules

Behavior to be encouraged
Soap shower
Proper swim attire
Concern for the safety of others
Any child that cannot swim MUST have an adult in the water with them.
Behavior to be discouraged
• Running
• Pushing
• Horseplay
• Smoking
• Chewing gum
• Diving from the side in less than 5 feet of water
• Glass objects

• Pool Noodles, Donut Rings, Rafts


  Alcoholic beverages, Tobacco, Vaping, Drugs

• Persons intoxicated
• Persons having contagious infections or an open wound
Any person may be required to pass the basic swimming test to demonstrate their ability to swim in the deep.
The lifeguards are present to preserve, discipline and to maintain safety. Violation of the rules or any other practices which, in their judgment, violate sanitation or endanger safety may result in the violators being removed from the pool.
Failure to observe the rules could result in serious injury or death.